On My Nightstand: Books, May 21*

Hi all! I skipped posting last week because I was still reading the same stuff. But my day job is essentially done for the summer, so now I’ll have time to read more! Yay for books!

Whitehead, Underground Railroad
Goodreads.com photo.

Last night I started Colson Whitead’s The Underground Railroad. My parents gave it to my husband last Christmas and it was buried in his to-read pile, so I stole it. I read about 45 pages last night, and my quick take at this point: Whitehead’s book thus far is a brutally honest work in which the horrors of slavery are laid out so plainly that they’d seem common, save the way the horror impacts us. That ability–to make us appreciate the quotidian nature of the brutality of slavery so as to communicate the way excruciating violence was ordinary and devastating is a gift. It’s a book that thus far is both hard to read and hard to put down.

I’ve got a small summer reading list started–anything you think I ought to get on there? I’ll dig it out and post it next week.

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