The Fight Against Chub Rub: Part 1

get itOne of the side effects of being a great Quadzilla, particularly if your quads are shaped like mine (hugely expansive at the top with muscle when standing, but squishy when seated), is chub rub. Partly this is genetic—even when I was 110 pounds I didn’t have a thigh gap of any sort—but my leg growth has led to leg chafe. If I wear a skirt without any kind of tights or hose I end up with angry red rashes. And because of my leg shape, even shorts can repeatedly ride up, leading to the same problem. It’s irritating on multiple levels.

Since I’m not about to stop working out for the sake of a little chafing, this year I need to find a solution. I’ll include you in that process. I’ve tried two solutions so far, and no dice.

Solution 1: Deodorant.

This would have been a nice way to ease chub rub since I already have deodorant. I tried it on a not-so-hot day, and got not-so-hot results. It worked well for the first fifteen minutes, but once my legs rubbed together much more than that, it wore off. You’d have to reapply all day long.

Solution 2: Slip shorts.

I had really high expectations for these, not just because I spent $12 on them at Target. Y’all know I hate spending money unless it’s on fun things like happy hour. This felt like an investment, and women I’d polled on the Girls Gone Strong facebook group recommended them highly. But because of my leg shape/movement, they didn’t work well. They’d start out fine, but after standing and sitting a couple of times they just rolled up. I made the mistake of buying the one with a top smoother as well (I figured I might as well get more bang for my buck since I was going to wear it under a fitted dress) and the top just rolled down, too. This left me with two bulges where the rolls were and chafed legs. Rats.

Legs. I have them.

So, I’m about to start round 3, also recommended by the Girls Gone Strong crew: Monistat Complete Care Chafing Gel.* I have decided not to think about what it’s intended for (chafing labia? God that sounds awful) and will let you know how a test run of the stuff works out. If that doesn’t work, I might have to splurge on some Bandelettes.* I will solve this chub rub.

As an aside…

While women generally are built with wider thighs than men and more fleshiness there, we aren’t the only ones who have them. When I googled “stock photo thighs” for an image to add to this piece, the photos that came up were abhorrent. Now, half of them were chicken thighs, which is funny. But most of them featured women measuring or grabbing their thighs. One theme that was particularly awful is when the thighs are marked up for surgery (or, like a butcher diagram, if you will) reducing the already-small thighs beyond what’s probably the width of the bone.

Now there are a couple featuring women who aren’t small, but they’re rare and still feature squeezing. The entirety of thigh-related stock photos implies women’s inferiority–or reasons why women “should” feel insecure and inferior.

If you look up quadriceps, there’s far more variety in imagery, and images include men.

Thighs=bad  quads=good? Food for thought, as these photos turn up everywhere across the internet.

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6 thoughts on “The Fight Against Chub Rub: Part 1

    1. I’ve heard that, but wouldn’t that only ease the rash once you have it? Or would it prevent the rash?

  1. Body Glide. A product for runners, but I swear, it works amazingly, even on hot sweaty days for the chub rub.. Just the blue tube. (Amazon, if you can’t find it elsewhere.)

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