The Fight Against Chub Rub: The RETURN!

Y’all, we started talking about chub rub about this time last year as the warmer weather came out of hibernation. And I posted twice before forgetting altogether to finish with round three.

In case you’ve forgotten or are new here, I have giant quads in part because I am a strong human and in part because of genetics. Summer can be a nightmare if I wear skirts or shorter shorts.

Part I: I tried deodorant (ha) and slip shorts (HAHAHAHAHAH). No dice.

Part II: Monistat anti-chafe cream–also a no.

The last item I tried was Body Glide and it–largely–works. It goes on kind of like deodorant and generally, as long as I’m not too sweaty, does the job of keeping my thighs from creating their own angry rash. Is it perfect? No. But it’s better than my other options.

Apologies that it took a year, but since it’s going to be in the 80s this week this information felt especially needed.

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6 thoughts on “The Fight Against Chub Rub: The RETURN!

  1. Man, I feel like everyone has such a different experience with chub rub!

    I pretty much exclusively wear shorts (random exercisey shorts from, like, Lane Bryant, or Thigh Society slip shorts), and failing that, the Monistat gel works wonders for me (and if needed I’ll go in with some zinc oxide or similar if need some healing), BUT Body Glide is not for me, regardless of how many people swear by it. So weird.

  2. I wrote about this, too! I prefer the Arm & Hammer Friction Defense (no gendering on the cost/packaging) and bandalettes. So sexy and get the job done!

    1. I got some spanx slip shorts last weekend–same problem, 3x as pricey as first ones. Dammit. I’d left my bodyglide at home and was waaaaaaaay far. the local grocery store carried neither and there were no CVSs/Walgreens/etc. to be had. Oh, bother.

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