Oh, hello there.

The last several months of 2018 were both a whirlwind and an eternity. My semester was one of the most challenging I’ve had, mostly in terms of numbers (a good thing, but exhausting as I rushed to get through all the exams, papers, and so on) and other work stresses I didn’t anticipate. On top of that were current events, and I spent a lot of time explaining those things, as best I could, to my students who both didn’t know the things that were happening (blissful college information bubble, I remember thee well) and/or didn’t understand what was happening. Spending so much time explaining to students–combined with a high level of stress about them, detailed below–utterly sapped my energy for blogging about the same.

Current events stressed me out far more than I remember happening before. I chalk this up to a couple of things. One, politics aren’t good. Arguably, they are worse in many ways than I’ve ever seen in my forty years, and I’ve seen a lot of assholes come and go. They feel more chaotic, and I don’t like that feeling of careening with little sense of where we’re going and when. Two, because I wasn’t doing much besides grading and otherwise working, I spent a lot of time online in between grading hours and I think I overdid it. There’s a point at which I have a solid understanding of events and really ought to walk away for my own sanity. I’m not good at that.

But we made it. 2018 is closing, and I don’t think many of us are sad to see it go. May 2019 be what you need it to be. May you find some peace with the world, with who you are, with the hardships and challenges you face.

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