Tenacious Feminist welcomes pitches from guest contributors on a range of topics. Topics should be related to feminism or read through a feminist lens. Pitches on culture, politics, and money are particularly encouraged. Please do not send entire essays until your pitch is accepted.

Accepted pitches will be given parameters (usually 1000 words or less) and a deadline, along with a contract. Contributors accept that the editor retains final discretion over publication and agree to work with the editor on revision. We regret that we cannot pay contributors for their work at this time.

Essay copyright stays with Tenacious Feminist, but we encourage you to share your work widely in non-commercial ways as long as you link back to the blog. Similarly, we would never reproduce an essay in any way without giving the author full credit for their work.

If an author wants to publish anonymously, they can, so long as the blog has contact information.

You can send your pitch to admin@tenaciousfeminist.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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