Hi there! I’m Tenacious J. I’m a teacher, writer, and historian, and my work focuses on American women, though my classes run the gamut. I’m from a working-class family, a first-generation college student and the only person in my family to have a Ph.D. I am tenacious, a feminist, and I bet you are, too.

When I’m not working, I’m usually thinking, deconstructing our world so as to understand it. This blog is a space for those thoughts, where I’ll write about culture, finances, and self through a feminist lens. I’ll be inviting guest writers as the blog grows over time. I am by no means a financial planner, so what I’m offering are some very general overviews and thinkpieces about how we approach and manage money.

I am a cis female who loves cats, heavy lifting and tattoos. My personal hero is Leslie Knope.  We should all embrace her compliment to her best friend Ann, whom she called a “beautiful, rule-breaking moth.” (Parks and Recreation, NBC.)

#ovariesbeforebrovaries #weareallmoths

If you’d like to contact me or pitch a story, please use the form below. Thanks!