For the Love of Rosa Diaz

Rosa Diaz
Image from IMDB.

If you don’t watch “Brooklyn 99,” you’ve shortchanged yourself by missing out on Rosa Diaz. Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz, is a take-no-shit detective with a deadpan take on pretty much everything. What I particularly love about Beatriz’s character is the way she turns stereotypes about women on their head. She’s deeply uncomfortable with emotions (as am I, so I adore this about her). Children baffle her, and she treats them like foreign objects. Best of all, she’s rarely lacking in self-confidence. She’s a loyal friend and intense lover, but rarely reveals these things about herself. Beatriz plays her to perfection.

Detective Rosa Diaz, Tenacious Feminist salutes you as a hero to feminists everywhere.

You’ve got a few minutes to kill until the 99 starts–entertain yourself with these Rosa Diaz gems, collected at Buzzfeed.

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Stickers stickers stickers!

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Aww, yeah! Time for the May Giveaway!

may giveawayGood morning, fearless honey badgers!

Today we’re partnering with Heartificial to bring you a pretty stellar feminist giveaway. We’ve had a long chat with Heartificial’s Kasio and feel that this “Ovaries Before Brovaries” brooch is just the thing you tenacious badgers would love. I have my own, and I wear it constantly in homage to my beloved Leslie Knope.

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