June Giveaway: Postcards and a Sticker!

june giveaway Tenacious Feminist’s following is growing as we pass our first month’s birthday. (ok, we’re late–the date was May 24th–but a belated birthday is better than no birthday!) To celebrate, we’re having our June giveaway featuring a TF sticker and a dozen “Hear Our Voice” postcards.

The cards were created by a friend featuring the women’s march logo and are a tad belated–they were intended for use during the first 100 days of 45’s administration. But I don’t think a little delay should matter; much of tremendous importance is still at risk, and will be, I suspect, for some time to come. So why not use some postcards to express your opinions? Send them to your Senators, or maybe just your best pal–everyone likes mail.

back of postcards
better late than never.

Help us grow AND get your hands on some sweet gear by sharing our content on Facebook or Twitter. Tag us when you do so. You get two entries per platform. I’ll keep track of who does and next Monday I’ll use a random number generator to determine a winner, whom I’ll contact through the platform they used. Let’s spread the Tenacious word!

The winner of the May giveaway was Cheryl Jackson, who shared TF via Facebook. Thanks, Cheryl!


(if you’d rather buy stickers, that’d be grand, as well–25% of purchases are sent to Planned Parenthood and the rest offsets hosting costs and other overhead. $2, first-class mail)

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